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“Versatility is underrated.”

Hair – Brown, Wavy
Eyes – Green, Blue
Body – Don't trust a skinny chef, Short
Style – Makeup

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46-year-old woman in Houston, TX, United States
Seeking a man, 40 to 55
Lonesome Dove: A Novel

Lonesome Dove

Larry McMurtry

This is one of those books that I feel like I've LIVED instead of just read. When it was finally over, I felt almost lost. So, of course, I read all the sequels, too.


A Suitable Boy: A Novel (Modern Classics)

A Suitable Boy

Vikram Seth

I loved the mother. One of the funniest books I've ever read.


La Tregua

La Tregua

Benedetti, Mario, M Benedetti

A touching May-December romance, accented with lovely rioplatense Spanish.


The God of Small Things: A Novel

The God of Small Things

Arundhati Roy

Perhaps the most beautiful book I've read. I was amazed that this was her first novel. Deeply moving.


Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind

Margaret Mitchell

What Southern woman DOESN'T love this one? I learned so much from Scarlet, and from Melanie, and even from Belle!


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